Tobin Yelland


Tobin Yelland’s journey into photography started at age fourteen in the 1980’s San Francisco skateboarding scene. He was drawn to skateboarding through strong bonds with friends and because of the joy and independence it gave him. He skated and made photographs of the culture that surrounded him, honing his vision that would eventually turn him into the artist he is today. As a teenager, he realized that photography was more than just a passion. Photography became everything to him, as it offered him the ability to capture the world the way he saw it. Since the 1990’s, Yelland has become a legend in both the skate and photography scene. Now, an established commercial photographer and cinematographer. Additionally, Yelland was the chief cinematographer for the film Beautiful Losers. Tobin Yelland was interviewed on July 17, 2005 in New York City.

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56 min.


New York, NY


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