Thomas Campbell


Thomas Campbell is a painter, sculpture, photographer, and filmmaker. He splits his time between his studio in Bonny Doon, California and traversing the globe making surf/skate films and taking photographs. An artist who perpetually introduces his audience to new stages of his of his own artistic evolution, Campbell blends together scribbles, scriptures, slogans, and anecdotes to assemble multilayered, interconnected works that draw from a symbolic system of meaning and associations. Inspired by various aspects of street art culture associated with graffiti, skateboarding, punk, and hip-hop, Campbell’s defiantly animated assemblages pay homage to the roguishly creative spirit of urban signage. His films and photographs mimic the intensity of the paintings, yet in a more abstract fashion. Thomas Campbell was interviewed on April 8, 2005 in Santa Cruz, California.

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2 hr, 10 min.


Santa Cruz, CA


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