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Space 1026 has been an eighteen year experiment as an alternative art space in Philadelphia. Over the years, the project has developed from a handful of founders to dozens of co-conspirators. Space 1026 was started as a place to create and show art with people that were actual friends that shared a common vision of “do it yourself, with other people”. Rooted in a common excitement for making, producing and creating, not for some outside world of aficionados, but for each other, for their own kind. Based in a two story building that houses a network of both studio and exhibition spaces, they have shown hundreds of artists over the years including most of the artists included in Beautiful Losers. Founders Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Becky Suss, Adam Wallacavage and Ben Woodward were interviewed on July 8, 2005 in Philadelphia, PA

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1 hr, 29 min.


Philadelphia, PA


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