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SACE (Dash Snow) and EARSNOT (Kunle Martins) were close friends and graffiti writers in New York City. During the early-2000’s, both were considered kings of the New York graffiti scene. Together, they founded the infamous graffiti crew IRAK, who were known as some of the most prolific writers and reckless drug users in America. They were especially revered for risking their lives night after night hanging off buildings just to get their tags in the highest spots and their antics have become the stuff of legend for a generation of youthful fans.

It has been rumored that Sace and Earsnot also loved to tag bums. The story has has it that they would give a bum $20 to let them tag all over his clothes. Bums never change their clothes, so the tags would never get buffed out like on a door or grate. Later in life, they drifted away from the graffiti scene and began to concentrate on fine artwork, but this interview was conducted at the height of their street shenanigans. SACE and EARSNOT were interviewed on July 21, 2005 in New York City.

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New York, NY


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